Play Force staff performing maintenance on playground binoculars

Why choose us

At our core, we believe that every kid has the right to play, grow and develop in a safe environment.

We believe parents should be able to watch their kids jump on a climbing frame without a constant concern for their safety. And we believe restaurant owners, school teachers, landscape architects and local council officers alike shouldn’t be fearful of the day an accident occurs caused by their play equipment.

How do we uphold these beliefs? It starts with our dedicated network of people who take the time to understand every aspect of a project, so that we can offer the best service through high-quality, industry leading solutions.

We’re passionate about encouraging playground designers and providers to create more enjoyable experiences, where children can play freely in an engaging environment. Our highly qualified and experienced team work to manage any risk in the best way possible.

Our people are fully insured and will always be happy to discuss projects at any stage to provide advice, or just to give you peace of mind. We’re incredibly proud of every project we’ve worked on, and we’d love to add your next play project to that list.

Our mission is to enable children to play, grow & develop in enjoyable environments where risk is well managed.
Our values
Easy going integrity
We are approachable, honest and truthful in everything we do, whether it’s a business or personal.
Helpfully hardworking
We always look for new ways to assist our customers whilst working to the very highest standards.
There’s no me in family
We work as a team, we are respectful, and we take the time to understand a situation from all perspectives