playground maintenance

Why choose us

At our core, we believe that every kid has the right to play, grow and develop in a safe environment.

We believe parents should be able to watch their kids jump on a climbing frame without a constant concern for their safety. And we believe restaurant owners, school teachers, landscape architects and local council officers alike shouldn’t be fearful of the day an accident occurs caused by their play equipment.

Our services

Our team work closely together so we always understand how each of our services can impact one another. We’re happy to work on projects of all shapes and sizes – from traditional and nature-based playgrounds, right up to complex bespoke installations – and we can be flexible to work within your timeframes and budgets. Our services include:

Play Force staff performing an entrapment inspection on wooden planks at the top of a slide at a playground

Preventing little issues from becoming big problems.

Inspection is often the first line of defence against hazardous situations that have the potential of turning into a serious issue. We offer several different levels of playground inspection to ensure we can accommodate your needs and current situation, all designed to maintain the balance between risk and enjoyment for everyone.

All of our inspections are designed with the relevant Playground Equipment and Surfacing Australian Standards in mind. Once an inspection has been completed, we will provide a written report on maintenance or modification recommendations, usually by the next working day. We’ll also work with you to set up proactive routine inspections, meeting the frequency as required by the standards.

If a serious issue is uncovered with one of our inspections, we can often dispatch someone to resolve the issue right away.

Past success

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